Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We understand that sometimes beginning a new activity can be confusing, so we hope to make getting started with us a little easier with these FAQ.  If you have questions that are not answered here, feel free to Contact Us.

Where are classes held?
Classes are held at Riverchase YMCA in Fenton, MO (990 Horan Dr).  Visit our Contact Us page for directions.
What types of classes do you offer?
We offer martial arts classes based in Tae Kwon Do with other arts and self-defense techniques and concepts tied in to ensure our students become well rounded martial artists.
Why is the fee for your class so low?  What's the catch?
There's no catch!  Years ago we had a commercial school, the rent and other expenses would continue to increase but our mission of providing quality instruction at an affordable price meant we did not want to increase the cost of our classes.  We decided it would be best to partner with the local community center to keep expenses down which has helped us provide the same great instruction and keep the tuition low (we have been teaching at Riverchase since it opened in 1999).  Generally, compensation comes in the way of money, but we have a passion for teaching martial arts and our primary reward is helping our students grow, succeed, and become great martial artists!  We are very proud that this has allowed multiple St. Louis area families over the years the ability to afford martial arts classes.  We are also excited to partner with the YMCA (they took over operation of Riverchase in July 2022) as they have a financial assistance program that even further helps those who qualify.  That's what makes us different.  We invite you to come check us out, try a free class or two and decide for yourself!
What ages do you accept?
We accept students 6 years old and up (the first session is a trial for 6 and 7 year old students to confirm they are ready to take class).
Where do we buy uniforms?
Students purchase their uniforms in class from the instructors, uniforms are $40 each.  Brand new students do not need a uniform for the first few classes, just wear comfortable clothes (t-shirt, sweatpants, etc.)
What are the testing requirements?
To test for their next rank students are required to know their Form, Self-Defense, and History.  Once students achieve the rank of Green belt they will also be required to spar as part of their testing, and at the rank of Brown belt they will be required to break boards.  Test dates will be announced in class, and students are expected to know the required information a week or two before the test.  Please review the Student Handbook, this includes information on our school and expectations of our students including additional details on rank testing.  There is a nominal fee to test which helps cover the cost of new belts and certificates.  We teach ITF style forms at our school.
Who do I contact for more info?
For additional questions about the school and classes please email  To sign up for class contact Riverchase YMCA directly at 636-343-0067 or register online.